BIRD Recruitment B.V.


BIRD Recruitment B.V. offers recruitment services in the biotechnology, (bio)pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. Since 1994 BIRD Recruitment B.V. has contributed to their clients’ successful performance by delivering highly qualified personnel. BIRD Recruitment was a division of BIRD Engineering B.V. until the latter was acquired by Corbion (former Purac) on the 6th of March 2013. Since then BIRD Recruitment B.V. has continued its services as an independent recruitment agency, operating from our office in Delft (Delftechpark).


Our recruiters have an academic background in Life science or Chemistry and therefore they are familiar with the expertise that you need.


Our services can match various needs:


1. Recruitment

• Candidates for employment at the customer


2. Secondment

• Candidates are hired by BIRD Recruitment B.V.
• Mutually agreed hourly rate
• Billable hours = actually worked hours only


Call us! 

Jay Baktawar
Manager Recruitment
T: 088 0351993
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